Scoutnet Polen

We would like to invite you to this year's Scoutnet! But first, what is Scoutnet? Well, it's a place where scout leaders from different organizations meet, learn from each other, exchange ideas and overall have fun whilst getting to know the culture of their host country. It will be taking place near Poznań, Poland between 7-10.03.2024. The cost will be between 250-350 PLN. If interested please let us know, for we will be closing the signup list at the beginning of February.
It would be great to meet scouts from all over, so even if you can't make it reach out, we will gladly get to know your team!

This year's age requirement is 17+ and we have a limited number of places.


  • Van: donderdag 07 maart 2024 16:00
  • Tot: zondag 10 maart 2024 17:00
Categorie: Internationaal evenement