WAGGGS World Thinking Day

The theme for World Thinking Day 2023 is Our World, Our Peaceful Future.

On International Day of the Girl 2020, we asked Girl Guides and Girl Scouts under 18 from 100 countries what issues they were most concerned about and what they wanted to change about the world. From this data, we learnt that the number one worry is the environment. And so, the World Thinking Day theme from 2022-2024 will be Our World, Our Future.

In 2022 we produced the Our World, Our Equal Future, activity pack, and are now halfway through our three-year journey for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to become environmentally conscious leaders.

The 2023 Our World, Our Peaceful Future activity pack explores what we can learn from the environment and how we can work with nature to create a more peaceful and secure future for girls everywhere. We explore topics of stewardship, harmony and the role the environment plays in peace and security.

This year’s activity pack features the story of Miku, a young girl who embarks on a quest to find peace and balance within her world. The pack is inspired by folktales from all five regions and we have created a series of short stories and activities to complete to earn the World Thinking Day Badge. We will also unite in a virtual global ‘walk the world’ challenge to raise awareness and essential funds for the Girl Guide and Girl Scout Movement. Are you up for the challenge? Check the pack here!


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