Swiss National Jamboree

The Swiss National Jamboree takes place roughly every twelve to fourteen years. In 2021, we will stay on one camp site in the beautiful canton of Wallis (Valais). Each participating Swiss scout group will have their own camp site within the Jamboree. International units will be paired with Swiss units after the registration and have one camp ground together, with a camp ground size that takes their total group size into account. This amazing opportunity gives you the possibility to share your daily camp life with your Swiss hosts. Together as one group, you and your Swiss hosts will book programme units and organise own ones. So, you will have the same national Jamboree experience as every other participating Swiss unit. The programme will be very similar to “normal” Swiss scout camps. Besides camping outdoors, this means a lot of different activities. From sportive games, creative experiences to hiking the beautiful hills and valleys of Switzerland – you will definitely get to know Swiss scouting. As it is a national Jamboree, there will also be special activities that you can book together with your Swiss host group. Not to forget the opening and closing ceremonies, which will bring us all together. Further information about the programme will be available at a later stage.


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