National Scouting Camp Switzerland

This year we have our national scouting camp in Switzerland, the biggest one that has ever been happening. We're expecting 30'000 scouts, mostly from Switzerland but also from all over the world.

We would of course also love to have some scouts from the Netherlands visiting us - be it as a Rover to help making the camp happen, or just as a regular daily visitor. I currently study in the Netherlands and talked to some scouts that were thinking of joining or going to KISC this summer- so it would be great if they also visit us in the camp. 

The duration of the camp is from 23.07.-05.08.2022, but the weeks before and after are to build everything up and then after the camp to tear everything down, which is where we still need the most support from Rovers.

Here is the link for the Tickets for the visiting days:


  • Van: zaterdag 23 juli 2022 12:00
  • Tot: zondag 24 juli 2022 12:00
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