The Scouting Nederland organisation consists of three levels:


The national counsil determines policy
Scouting Nederland is governed by a Board, made up of Scouting members who are democratically elected by the National Council
A Chief Executive, who is responsible to the Board, heads the Headquarters which has a staff of around 40 professionals,


Scouting Nederland Regional. The regions are in contact with the leaders and board members in their region and they organise meetings between and activities for the Scout groups. Leadershiip training is part of their responsibility. There are 46 regions in the Netherlands


The Scout groups are the core bussiness in the Scouting organisation. In the Netherlands there are 1000 Scout groups, all linked to the Scouting Nederland organisation. Children aged 5 and up are welcome at a Scout group. Volunteers provide for the programme and management of the local groups.